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the semi daily writings of わがまま ジュリエット

and the selfish girl rants...

Chloé ★
24 June
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Leon お兄さんが大好き...

My best friend *makes heartshape with fingers*
Long haired blonde, cape wearing, purple bow acessorizing, designer of machinery,
double head coin tossing, master of disguise, chainsaw wielding, pimp king of Figaro. Edgar Roni Figaro.

nise_murasaki cookiesforbasch

"All men long to be deceived by those thunder thighs!" - Valkyrie Profile 2 Dog Houses
"Always with a screech of insects buzzing within your skull, ants gnawing at your eyeballs forever and ever!"

layout from mentahelada. thefulcrum isn't bad either!

akechi mitsuhide, albedo, amphisbena*, basch, basch's pant tassle, batman, boØwy, cheese, cowboy cookies, devil may cry, dragon ball z, edgar roni figaro, edmonton oilers, failing at ssstylish, fashion distaster rpg characters, gaignun kukai, himuro kyosuke, inagaki goro, japan history, jin uzuki, leon s. kennedy, lezard valeth, lonely rolling star, men with glasses, minty toothpaste doraemon, nelo angelo, nigredo, pimp king of figaro, pirates in your pants, provocation 9, pulling out vergil's cravat, rufus shinra, tsuchibayashi makoto, ukitake jyuushirou, vergil, vincent valentine, zan, Χλοη, ケロロ軍曹, 大江戸戦士トノサマン, 戦国basara, 戦国無双, 明智光秀, 毛利元就の帽子, 氷室京介, 砂川憲和, 逆転裁判


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